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Reproduced with kind permission of the publisher.

Welcome to the Fiction with a twist blog for gifted readers and writers in Stage 3 and 4. Authors John Larkin, Deb Abela and James Roy will be reading and responding to your writing. The only compulsory weekly task is the paragraph writing task – everything else is optional! Scroll down to find out about the story you will submit on this page.

How to post your writing

  • Use the menu tabs at the top to post your writing each week.
  • For example, in Term 1, Week 5,  post your writing in Task 1: Voice.
  • Scroll down and click on Comment/s or Leave a Reply to post your writing.
  • The blog has been “started” with sample comments from Neila, Matthew, Andrea, Vanessa and Eesha who wrote for Fiction with the twist in Term 4, 2009. The story samples in the Comments at the bottom of this page are from St Ives North Public School.
  • Notice that the paragraph that you write each week can be about a new character and scenario each time
  • Optional homework: If you want an avatar [picture] next to your posts, 1. click on Create a free edublog [or http://edublogs.org/ Sign up here],  2. provide a user name and 3. your email address, 4. tick the I agree box, and 5. choose Just a user name please. You will be automatically assigned a cartoon avatar or you can upload an image. Make sure your parents have agreed to this process…

Stories  – Check out story examples in the Comments at the bottom of this page!

Make sure that you show us what you have learned about the role of Voice, Actions, Symbols and Dialogue in creating a world which hooks the reader.  You may submit a piece of fiction which you have been working on in class. It does not HAVE to be finished – put three points of ellipsis at the end if it isn’t…

*** You may continue someone else’s story if you wish – put the TITLE + continued**

Writing workshops with John Larkin, Deb Abela and James Roy

Story writers who write a page of fiction will receive a certificate of commendation for submitting their story fragment to Fiction with a twist. You will need to name your school and your teacher will need to confirm that it is original work. In addition, selected students will be invited to attend writing workshops in May at Bonnyrigg High School – one for secondary and one for primary students.

Enjoy the Fiction with a twist book rap!

Lizzie Chase
Rap facilitator